MAYG Gitbook

Web3 Reserve Model

MAYG has an economic reserve model which is seeded by the sale, royalty and upgrade revenue of the MAYG NFTs. Only the MAYG NFTs are used for access to the MAYG Game. Winners of the MAYG Game earn tradable cryptocurrency $PLB tokens.
The MAYG Reserve uses a percentage of its monthly net income to buy back $PLB from the open market.
Once the maximum NFT player count is reached, the system will be able to reach supply equilibrium by matching the rate of $PLB tokens mint to the $PLB burn.
MAYG NFTs can be upgraded to allow for more daily chances for gameplay, i.e., more AP.
Or via the purchase of MAYG Accessory NFTs which allow for the same, more AP. No upgrades or accessories allow for greater advantage in the actual gameplay, i.e. no pay to win.
Players can use $PLB as an entry fee into higher difficulty games or to buy MAYG branded merchandise and services.