MAYG NFT holders will only have ownership rights over their own MAYG NFT and not the underlying IP for commercial usage.

When you acquire an MAYG NFT, you own all personal property rights to the token underlying the MAYG NFT (the right to freely sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of that MAYG NFT), but you do not own the associated artwork, brand, or other intellectual property associated with that MAYG NFT.

The IP of MAYG will be used to further develop and invest back into the game ecosystem.


MAYG NFTS will have a form of community governance whether it be where to hold the first MAYG conference or the community priorities, such as charities and sponsorships. This will be done in a framework of set budgets, set forth by our game studio.

Voting will done with the number of MAYG NFTs held (Sygne princesses and Oneechans), $MAYG held in-game, and other community reputational metrics. We will determine this formula with an open forum on this, but the final decision will rest with the studio.

We will also set up a community council to take ownership of these community initiatives.

There may be non-binding referendums from time to time that are more than scope of the community and more in relation to token or strategic business considerations, but the agenda will be set by the Studio.

We understand this is a departure from what many crypto users expect, but our purpose is to create a forever web3 game and provide direct support to our community of gamers through a successful and industry-changing approach.

To that end, we have already taken nearly all the financial and operational risk in this to further a vision for web3 gaming by not taking on any misaligned funding or doing any public sales (NFTs or Tokens) for raising funds.

We have a very clear strategy to give your MAYG NFTs utility across an entire gaming ecosystem, not through being an investment vehicle, but through being what a web3 gaming studio and community should be - fully working toward the mutually beneficial and sustainable growth of a game and community that we work together for. Call us idealistic or naive, but gaming is built on trust and passion.

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