The OYABUN Management Dashboard tracks player relationships & administration of their Oneechans and Mercs.

Definitions: Oneechans are your clan mates.

Mercs are multiple Sygne Princess NFTs in your wallet.

Dashboard Functionality:

  • Create loan and gifting contracts between you and your Oneechans.

  • Link to your private Discord with your Oneechans.

  • Transfer AP points directly.

  • Check and review your transactions.

  • KPI Key Performance Indicators showing metrics for win rate, profitability, XP gain, etc.

  • Separate game account creation for lending out NFTs on a 'scholarship basis' (Mercs)

  • Oneechan management and assignment

  • Performance overview and tracking of Oneechan earnings

  • Account scheduling for multi-Mercenaries or Oneechans on the same NFT


The system will be done in two phases: Mercs, & Oneechans.

Mercenaries is the rental of existing Sygne Princess NFTs in the same wallet.

Oneechans is the clan system that includes rental of Oneechans under that particular Sygne Princess, as well as general management with those Oneechans not owned by the Sygne Princess, but still part of the clan.

Mercs will have a capped limit in each clan and will have restrictions in what they can share within the clan such as items and limitation on total resource sharing.

We expect that this OYABUN system will continue to be under constant revision and development as we add in additional games to the ecosystem.

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