Miki-san the OG 'Sygne Princess' of Luxury

As part of the brand development of the game, the in-game luxury brand is called, Sygne and it Miki-san's favorite brand where she is the Head of Brand Communication based out of NYC and Tokyo.

Actual luxury products will be created as both our accessory NFT and physical products that represent the game as part of our web3 brand initiative.

MAYG as a game will promote this luxury gamer brand as part of it's IP. Our game MAYG was designed and positioned to have many instances for both merchandising and collaboration with existing brands.

This may be limited to new or more edgier brands rather than traditional luxury brands, but surprising enough, our founder does have background in fashion brand licensing, so we are confident in linking Sygne and MAYG with newer brands or even kickstarting things off with Sygne.

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