The Sygne Princess has the right & ability to mint up to 12 Oneechan NFTs who are forever linked to the Sygne Princess.

She can mint and sell or gift her Oneechan, but if the Sygne Princess desires to support her clan of Oneechans,she can engage in the Oyabun system.

MAYG as a game as a meta-economy game designed through the management of resources for optimal gameplay and with our further game titles as part of the MAYG Yakuza ecosystem. It would be in the best interest for the Sygne Princess to sell some of her Oneechan NFTs or manage i.e. rent out the Oneechans to prospective players.

Loyalty Tax

As such, the Oneechan NFTs pay 1% of their gross winnings of $GLB & $MAYG back to the Sygne Princess as a "loyalty tax" forever.

If the Sygne Princess would like to support her Oneechan, she can set a daily transfer of AP and/or $GLB to clan mates and negotiate a mutually agreed upon increased % of revenue share. If the Oneechan accepts the terms of the transfer (amount of AP and % of revenue share), the terms will stay in place until either party terminates the agreement. Upon termination, the agreement will terminate in the next 24-hour cycle.

Alternatively, she can loan x amount of $GLB at y amount of set interest, setting the daily % of revenue share for $GLB for repayment. If the Oneechan accepts the terms, the loan will be executed. The loan will continue as % $GLB revenue share back to the Sygne Princess until the amount is paid back, including interest. Only three on-going loans can be granted to a single Oneechan.

(Note: UI to be determined.)

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