This is Miki-san. Most of her friends call her the “Sygne Princess” because she is usually a well-mannered girl living the life of luxury. As they laugh and drink royal milk tea, what they don’t know is that Miki-san is the granddaughter of a powerful Oyabun, a Yakuza Boss, and she has been trained since birth to be ruthless and merciless.

In fact, she is so deadly that even a luxury handbag in her hands becomes a lethal weapon. But she has fallen in love with an adorable nerdy game designer and that would be you.

Miki-san's grandfather has decided to name Miki-san heir to his Yakuza empire, going against both tradition and politics. This has angered and also emboldened their rivals and they have managed to kidnap you as a hostage, hope that Miki-san will put aside her destiny. But Miki-san has other plans and she intends to have her empire and her true love.

Miki Gozen is My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend.


This is the first game of this MAYG series, where you, as Miki-san now embark on saving you true love, kicking a lot of ass and building out her own Yakuza empire - her way.

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