MAYG Gitbook


Win-To-Earn, 3D Multiplayer Turn-Based Tactical Luxury Shooter
Our Heroine Miki Gozen
My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend, a.k.a. MAYG, is a Win-To-Earn, 3D multiplayer, turn-based tactical luxury shooter game themed in ’90s Tokyo, Japan.
MAYG is a live 3- to 5-player Free-For-All (FFA) game, with each player’s viciously jealous girlfriend armed to the teeth with killer luxury designer items as their weapons of choice. These sexy ladies are dressed to kill – their Christian Louboutin heels are stilettos, their Croc Birkin handbags are the bomb, and they’ll drown you in Dom Perignon champagne!
To play, gamers acquire character NFTs on the Open Sea NFT marketplace, connect their crypto wallet to the game, and are set to enter the fray. Each MAYG NFT is equipped with assorted weapons with varying range and damage attributes, used in a turn-based deathmatch round format – the last player standing wins!