3D Worms + Risk + Fortnite meets Sophisticated Kickass Waifu game

Honestly, this is an original PC game, and so it is extremely difficult for us to explain without us seeming crazy. But you'll see our game is a bit crazy, so go figure.

We will give you the background for it, but go to our youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/@maygnft

Watch the clips, and then go download the current alpha build from https://www.mayg.io/ and use the following demo accounts:




PW: 1234567890

You need to have 3 players as a minimum (cause we have no bots) but you can join our demo game nights and see the schedule by joining our discord at: https://discord.gg/maygnft

The current build is our final Alpha build and if you're reading this white paper expecting some investor bs, well, we are way past that crap as we actually build the game.

Our game is super easy to learn and intuitive. If you have played a 'WASD' key shooter then it will take you all of 2 games to be competent at the game. If you haven't, you'll just need 3 games to be comfortable with the controls.

MAYG is the epitome of 'easy to learn' and somewhat harder to master.


Do you remember the game 'worms'? Well don't worry if you don't, cause you probably weren't born then, but it was a turn-based 2D game where you were a worm that parachuted down on to a 2D landscape and you took turns picking cool explosive weapons and then blowing the crap out of each other. It was first released in 1995! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worms_(series)

You know the weapon 'holy hand grenade' featured in the book/movie 'Ready Player One'? Yeah it's from this game.

So the base design game loop is just that - worms. Why, because it is an extremely accessible game loop and we know it's fun. So how did we evolve it? After all, Worms did make a 3D version as well. So homage to Worms. We love Worms.

We amped up the competitive nature of the game by focusing on innovating on the map/level and 1st person shooter advances that didn't exist back then. Our game is equally about the game mechanics as well as the level design.

  1. We opted to have a limited number of weapons that each have a specific use case, long-range, melee, global range, multi-hit, etc.

  2. The arena is a Tokyo night club which does have a vertical component, but since it is a massive 20,000 foot club, it also has a horizontal depth, which allows for more strategy in doing hit & run and sniping attacks.

  3. Movement is limited to a sphere radius (you have a move limit that is both horizontal and vertical).

  4. You have full-person shooter controls from crouching, running and camera views.

  5. The entire map is destructible but how things are destroy is entirely random and unpredictable each time. Damage can be negated or amplified by the environment cover.

  6. There is fall and collision particle damage that can compound as damage combos.

  7. Finally, weapons are modeled after luxury weapons that have changed their method of delivery and trajectory, from rolling nuclear carry on luggage, to metal ninja star VIP credit cards, we went fully night club Yakuza luxury.


But why pick turn-based to begin with, how many turn-based shooter are there in the market right now?

None, it seems, but we wanted to make a game that would appeal to also competitive female gamers. While Valorant has a significant number of female gamers, we wanted to make the game more about strategy than how 'twitchy' you were.

So as a turn-based shooter, the focus is not on reaction time, but on anticipation sense. This is where the game is more like Risk (the board game). You have a limited number of ammo for your weapons, and there is no defense, so health is extremely important. You need to pick your battles, but also, you can convince others to ally with you during the game. So the game is designed for a level of collusion and that also makes the game harder to exploit (although we are sure many will try). So just like Risk, you need to pick your spots to go for the kill, or wait and ally and betray them when the timing works (it is winner take all).

But on a more competitive consideration, we wanted to have a worldwide player base and real-time shooters will never have a single-player pool because of lag. But for a turn-based game, the 20 seconds per turn is more than ample time for a player to all be synced as even the worst global broadband connections would push 400 ms max global lag.

Lastly, there is a flow to our game.

  1. Discovery: In the first two turns of the game, you'll want to find out where everyone is.

  2. Positioning: In the next two turns you want to get to the best map position to fight (high ground or ambush)

  3. Strategic: Then, its about who to hit first and what alliances you want to make or break.

  4. Brawl: Finally, its a 1 on 1 battle and now its a full out brawl to see who survives, begging for mercy at this time doesn't help.

Look, this section is just so you have a background about the gameplay and to pre-answer some questions you have as you play the game. So get out there and just play our awesome kickass and definitely fun game, MAYG. Every single one of our testers has found it extremely fun and replayable (including 2 top 10 globally ranked pro-gamers), except for a single group of game fund analysts who said it wasn't, but we checked the game session logs to see if they actually tried to play it and they didn't, so they don't count!

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