Tokens & Game Formats


MAYG as a deathmatch has 3 Game Rooms (game formats):

  • Tiffany: 3 player deathmatch

  • Bulgari: 4 player deathmatch

  • Cartier: 5 player deathmatch

Each game is winner-take-all.


There are 3 game tokens used in gameplay:

  • AP (Angry Points)

  • $GLB (Gold Love Bracelets)

  • $MAYG (MAYG ERC-20 Token)

  • XP as Experience Points are gained with gameplay and are automatically used to level up your gameplay NFTs


  • MAYG players receive a free daily amount of AP every day.

  • After mid-night Eastern US time, the AP are replenished

  • The AP are used like 'daily energy' is used in social mobile games.

  • Every time you play any game, you will be required to spend AP to join that game.

  • The current base AP for the Beta will be 10 AP

  • As you level up and acquire accessories NFTS, your base daily AP will increase. i.e. the higher the level your NFT is or the more NFT accessories (See NFT Accessories) you have, the more games you can play on a daily basis.


  • In-game currency earned through winning the Tiffany Game Rooms (3 player deathmatches)

  • Cannot be withdrawn from the game client, but can be spent as an entry fee for the Bulgari Game Rooms and on Diamonds (see Diamond section).


  • $MAYG is the governance token of the MAYG game and ecosystem

  • This can be won in both the Bulgari and Cartier Game Rooms

  • $MAYG is the entry fee token for the Cartier Game Rooms

  • $MAYG is used to buy MAYG NFT accessories and Diamonds (see Diamond section)

  • $MAYG can be withdrawn from the game client to your on-chain Ethereum wallet

  • Withdrawn $MAYG cannot be re-deposited back into the MAYG game client

  • Only $MAYG in the player's game client balance will be eligible for any governance community voting


Tiffany Game Room 1

  • 3-Player Free-For-All (Deathmatch)

  • FFA Entry: 1 AP

  • Reward: 5 $GLB

  • Experience Points XP Awarded: 0

Bulgari Game Room 2

  • 4-Player Free-For-All (Deathmatch)

  • FFA Entry: 3 $GLB + 1 AP

  • Reward: 1 $MAYG

  • Experience Points XP Awarded: 2 winner, 1 for loss

Cartier Game Room 3

  • 5-Player Free-For-All (Deathmatch)

  • FFA Entry: 2 $MAYG +1 AP

  • Reward: 5 Platinum Love Bracelets $PLB

  • Experience Points XP Awarded: 10 winner, 3 for loss

Every game requires 1 Angry Point, or AP, to play. Angry Points are generated for free on a daily basis.

Players can play any room they like in any order, provided they have the entry fee.

Players can win up-to 5 $MAYG in the Bulgari Room, but then must play 1 Cartier game to reset their game access in the Bulgari Room.

All game entry amounts are subject to revision and change based on the state of the game's economy.

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