There are 4 types of MAYG NFTS:

  • Sygne Princess

  • Oneechans

  • Accessories

  • Emotes (Dance & Music)


Sygne Princess are the main NFT and represent the head of your Yakuza MAYG clan

They are currently listed on opensea here:

There are 10,000 maximum in this collection and have been given as a free mint to qualified gamers.

There is no in-game utility to the traits, but #1-#1000 MAYG are VIP (Very Important Princesses) and can be earned by holding a collection of MAYG NFTS (

In order to win game tokens, you must have an Sygne Princess NFT, but guests will be able to play without one, but will not earn tokens for their play and be limited to only 10 games in Tiffany (unless they acquire a Sygne Princess).

Only a Sygne Princess can recruit Onneechans and buy Accessories.


The Oneechan (means big sister in Japanese) is your clan-mates and the captains of your Yakuza clan.

Each Sygne Priciness can recruit up-to 12 Oneechans (17 for VIP Sygne Princesses), by buying a recruitment scroll and then being able to mint the Oneechan.

The # of Oneechan NFTs a Sygne Princess can mint will be dependent upon her in-game level. The higher the level, the more Oneechans can be recruited.

The main benefit to the Oneechan NFT is that you will be able to create a 'pool of resources' of the in-game tokens to lend or share with your clan.

Also, each Oneechan NFT is obligated to automatically give 1% of their gross winnings to the Sygne Princess as a minimum. Depending upon the relationship between the Princess and the Oneechan, this can be increased by mutual agreement in exchange for additional support.

Oneechans can be equipped with the MAYG accessories either through their own purchase or as a shared item from the Yakuza clan.

*Release for Beta v. 1.5 (July 2023)


MAYG Accessories can give additional daily AP to your main Sygne Princess or Oneechan NFTs

These will be 3D NFTs that can be equipped by your NFT and represented during your in-game play.

There are a vast number of accessories from sunglasses to even your pet that will be up for purchase.

These accessories do not give you any in-game gameplay advantage, but they will increase your daily AP, so that you can play more games or share them with those in your clan (the AP).

They can also be leveled up and have a level cap and will be always limited in edition.

The accessories can only be bought with $MAYG either in-game or on-chain.

*Release for Beta v. 1 (Jan 2024)

EMOTES (Dance & Music)

These are purely cosmetic NFTS that will allow you to do in-game emotes like dancing throughout the game, even if it is not your turn. They will come with FX and music.

You will also be able to purchase music to broadcast in the game after you make a kill, and use as your entrance music into the match.

We already have a provider for the emotes license, but these will likely be purchased in ETH or USDT/USDC due to the licensing agreement terms.

*Release for Beta v. 1.25 (April 2023)

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