From the start of our Alpha testing period, the launch of Beta v1, all testers and participants who have registered and used a MAYG NFT for gameplay in their own wallet, will be awarded based on a formula.

Our ethos for Web3 is that all in-game assets should be NFTs and that the development of our game and ecosystem should be player-prioritized first.

As such our game and design for the $MAYG token take the following into consideration:

  1. Any player with us for the Alpha - Beta period and early adopters of our game will have inherent benefits from the game's growth.

  2. The total initial supply of $MAYG tokens will be derived first from the total airdrop supply to our Alpha - Beta testers and to those active NFT holders.

  3. As the token is being minted by the Game and will be burned by the subsequential games, our current approach is letting the $MAYG token organically grow through actual gameplay and not speculation. This may result in a relatively low supply of initial $MAYG, so to curb the effects of too low of a supply, we decided to do this airdrop to also kickstart the game economy.


40% of the total supply for Alpha - Beta period players and active NFT holders.

After the appropriate airdrop supply amount is determined, then that amount will dictate the remaining 60% supply.

  • 40% Alpha/Beta Player Airdrop

  • 30% MAYG Treasury

  • 10% Angel Investors

  • 10% Team

  • 10% DeFi Pool

The reason why we have the flexibility to do this is because MAYG was nearly entirely self-funded and all the Angels are strategic angels who have agreed to a token warrant for the opportunity to participate. We have no VC funding, we did not do a pre-token sale, we did not do a paid mint sale for the NFT. This now allows us to make the best decision for our players, game and future without any misaligned incentives.

Our players and this community are not our exit liquidity, you are our game's future and our hope is that this airdrop shows our sincerity and appreciation to our early adopters and supporters.

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