MAYG Gitbook


There are two scenarios for allocation:
  1. 1.
    We do not set up any pool and let the game organically mint the tokens.
  2. 2.
    We set up pool just to create the initial liquidity.
The considerations is that if there is not enough initial $PLB supply, the price of $PLB may be excessively high and hamper adoption of our game - as Accessories to boost the main NFT will be bought in ETH + x# of PLB.
For option 2 and example follows, but we are likely to set up a pool after a 3 month review after our open beta launch.
$PLB has a 10,000 pre-mint supply.
$PLB is further minted through game play of the conversion of $GLB to $PLB.
The pre-mint supply will be used to set up a liquidity pool on both Uniswap and a CEX.
No more than 5% of the MAYG reserve will be used to set up the initial $PLB pool on Uniswap and market making on a CEX.