MAYG Gitbook

MAYG Free Mint Instructions


Example NFT | MAYG #1888
As a VIP you will be allotted up to 3 NFT’s
  • All NFT’s Minted are randomly assigned and sent directly to your wallet
  • Whitelisted wallets will display the QTY of NFT’s allowed to mint

MAYG Minting Instructions

1. Go to and click “Connect Metamask”. If you don’t have the Metamask Wallet extension you can check how to download here( Also make sure you have some ETH to cover gas fees.
2. Select which account do you want to connect with the app and click “Next”
3. Confirm this is the account do you want to connect and click “Connect”.
4. Choose how many NFTs do you want to mint with “+” or “-” according to your eligible number and click “Mint”.
5. Check the transaction and select “Sign” on Metamask.
6. This is the network fee you will have to pay to process the transaction. Check if everything is ok, click “Confirm” and your transaction will be processed
7. This page means your NFT(s) has been minted and you can check your transaction on “View on Etherscan”.