The Macro Social Game for MAYG Ecosystem

As each Sygne Princess NFT will be the head of their family of 12 oneechans, this presents an opportunity for a macro social competition and game whereby each clan can as guild can create their own Web3 identity.

Whether it be vendettas against other MAYG Yakuza clans through in-game stalking or alliances and collaborations for MAYG brand properties like a fashion show or conference or even MAYG cafes, the game, when at scale will allow for socio-economic coordination and development beyond the game itself.

The social macro-game would first start with Oyabun leaderboards in game, but then with the development of clan identities/crests/sub-sites, and then joint participation in the governance of certain MAYG brand properties as each clan's 'territories'. This would be played out in the game's expansion through additional games in the ecosystem that are directly tied to this first game and further the objective for yakuza empire building and expansion rather than a series of unrelated or game or general metaverse. The next games will likely be a mix of Mobile, browser games which will all be either pay-to-win or skill based, but all will PVP at the clan level. i.e. you will be to transfer your clan resources to the next game and build out a competitive positioning there to go to war with other clans.

As these games will be existing games that can be modified to the Yakuza Empire theme, we expect to publish them in late 2024 or early 2025 after we release MAYG V1 (post beta - full feature complete).

These games include Yakuza-type tycoon games, base vs base builders and even owning your own MAYG casino & poker rooms.

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