MAYG Gitbook

Brand & Game Style

Visuals & Sound
Set in the style of '90s Ginza District, Tokyo, this is all about luxury and elegant violence that comes from a place of love. The Ginza district in Tokyo, Japan, is a place of known luxury. Every major luxury fashion brand has its flagship store here, from Chanel to Dior, but more than that, it is a meeting place for the most refined and elegant women of Tokyo. While trends may come and go, there has always been a timeless, understated style here in Ginza.
’90s Ginza is a place where Japan has arrived on the international scene and now has the modern style of an economic powerhouse, but the sophistication of Japanese aesthetics and unlimited fun. From the most fabulous restaurants to all-night Izakaya underground bars to the most exclusive dance parties, you can find every luxurious fun thing here in Ginza if you know where to look.
MAYG is fun and luxurious, with some over-the-top action and adventure mixed in. It is a brand of satire with the jealous love of Miki, who can really back things up “Yakuza style” while using her luxury goods as lethal weapons.
The hit series, Tokyo Vice, is a window into this world and you can see it on HBO Max:


The MAYG NFT represents a truth about Miki and her background as well as her personality. The NFT art is meant to be provocative, sexy, elegant, but also strong, confident, and luxurious. It is a visual design that presents to you the essence of what MAYG is in its juxtaposition of what we call "elegant, sophisticated, luxurious violence."
Outrageous design elements like the tattoos, panties, and luxury goods also create this unique positioning for your MAYG.
While the MAYG NFT is in an anime style, we have created a more stylized painted form that inspires the gaming asset representation of your in-game MAYG.
The MAYG game will never show this level of skin and exposure (tattoo, bare backside, panties, etc.), as this is an image only you, as the “boyfriend,” get to see.


Our hero, Miki-san, has been part of this life her entire life, so much so, her friends have nicknamed her the “Sygne Princess,” but unlike her friends, she has a secret. While everyone knows that her family has a massive construction and energy conglomerate, the reality is that her grandfather is one of the great Oyabun Yakuza bosses in Japan. She doesn't have a problem with that, but if you do, well, she may have a problem with you.
The visual design of MAYG the game is with Miki-san, her sisters, friends, and enemies in the most chic luxury dress and clothes. The battle arenas will occur in a few primary environments: '90s Ginza Tokyo - vibrant & chic - from elegant to exclusive underground.
In-Game Concept style MAYG
In-Game Concept style MAYG
Direction is relatively small arenas (say, 50 meters by 50 meters), i.e., not an open 3D world to battle in. The idea is to have some destructibles in the arenas to enhance gameplay & allow for level design variety - replay value is a major topic for discussion.
Battle Arena Reference Examples:
Animations will play a key role, and we will define a sensible, hierarchical system for animation use & reuse - as there will be thousands of NFTs to fulfill animations or to fulfill variety and a sense of uniqueness for characters (including celebration anims, death anims, etc.).
Music and SFX are TBD, but the direction leans outrageous at times, from Jazz to Japanese Rock.