MAYG Gitbook

Development Thoughts

From a gameplay and mechanic perspective, MAYG is clearly a fully featured character-driven battle game with one narrowly focused game mode intended to reduce the overall dev cycle timeline of a multi-mode or story progression product.
We seek to establish a great real-time battle experience (lights, cameras, action, VFX), and a smooth implementation of our in-game economy/tokenomics system.
Generally, we anticipate a rapid prototyping approach where we can iterate the hell out of the mechanics, NFT utility, and economy to learn earliest what won't work and get the release right; MAYG is the maiden voyage for bigger future plans.
Open-minded to effective scheduling approaches & tools to facilitate an iterative process with predictable communication cycles, feedback & approval loops - supported by a strong test plan.
We currently have/and are establishing internal resources (design, production management, NFT backend engineering, tech art, and test), and desire collaboration on how best to get a synchronized team rhythm with outside development.