MAYG Gitbook

Oyabun Empire Building

The Macro Social Game
As each Miki zero-generation NFT will be the head of their family of 12 oneechans, this presents an opportunity for a macro social competition and game whereby each clan can as guild can create their own Web3 identity.
Whether it be vendettas against other MAYG Yakuza clans through in-game stalking or alliances and collaborations for MAYG brand properties like a fashion show or conference or even MAYG cafes, the game, when at scale will allow for socio-economic coordination and development beyond the game itself.
The social macro-game would first start with Oyabun leaderboards in game, but then with the development of clan identities/crests/sub-sites, and then joint participation in the governance of certain MAYG brand properties as each clan's 'territories'.