MAYG Gitbook

NFT Sub-Mints

Zero Generation & Oneechan NFT Mints
Players are required to have a MAYG NFT to play the game.
There will be 10,000 Zero Generational MAYG NFTs minted for players to acquire in order to play.
Each Zero-Generation MAYG NFT, a.k.a. Sygne Princess, will have the ability to mint 12 additional MAYG Oneechan ("Big Sister") NFTs that will be 'soul bound' linked to the Zero-Generation MAYG NFT.
The Sygne Princess can be sold, but only players who own a Sygne Princess can mint the Oneechan NFTs to be sold or gifted.
Within this gang of 1 Sygne Princess & 12 Big Sisters, the Sygne Princess can transfer AP & $GLB to any of her Oneechan. The Big Sisters can share anywhere between 5% to 80% of their $GLB/$PLB earnings with their Sygne Princess - there is always a minimum 5% revenue share back to the Sygne Princess.