MAYG Gitbook

In-Game Earnings

MAYG is designed to be a collusion win-to-earn game - the only way to consistently win is to also collude and form alliances with other players.
The majority of players will be losers in the game, by design. As the game scales, the absolute number of winners and production of $PLB should plateau. Thus, we can find the total liability that the game produces and manage the price accordingly.
The basic process of currency attrition is as follows:
There should be very few overall big winners as $GLB is converted from 12:1 in the Bulgari Round (4 players, 3 gold entry (total 12 gold) and 1 $PLB won). The Cartier Round has a 50% transaction fee (5 players, 2 $PLB entry (total 10 $PLB) and 5 $PLB won).
Players are incentivized to play as the leaderboard is focused on the Cartier Round only - but to get there, they need to play the Tiffany and Bulgari Rounds.
Users also gain experience for playing in the Bulgari and Cartier Rounds as well for wins & losses.