MAYG Gitbook

3D Strategic Turn-Based 3rd person Luxury Shooter

3D Worms with Angry Yakuza Girlfriends


Players start at random positions on a randomly generated 3D terrain map in a Ginza, Tokyo, setting.
The first round initiative order is based on the highest XP character, while the sequential rounds are based on which character has the lowest health to act first.
Players all start with the same health, weapons and ammo.
Players will be able to type and voice chat in game to collude, cooperate or deceive their way to victory.


Players will have 10 seconds to pick a path to move to a new position. Then another 15 seconds to choose their weapon, target and charge their shot or move again.
The last player standing with health wins.
In the case of a draw, the winnings are split equally.
The total square meter area will be 50 m x 50 m in relative scale.